Charles Favs

As a founding father of Eurolite, and someone who has been immersed in many a lighting project and seen countless fixtures and light creations - what could possibly be Charles Lyall's favorite light? ... Does he have a favorite?  

In honor of Father's Day 2020 we asked Charles to reflect on what pieces and what in lighting design resonates most with him after 30+ years in the biz. Not only did Charles pause in a sentimental reflection, you could see the genuine love of light in his eyes.

He explained it was about creating the sense and effect of light that really excites him. Objects that Glow: Light that is felt and not necessarily seen.

Simple and finely made are the true winning combination for him, and while It was hard to pick just one favourite, he easily listed off many fixtures and why he loves them.  

Here is Charles top 5 and what it was about them that intrigued him most. Click on the image to be directed to more information about the product.

1. Falling Leaf by Tobias Grau 

"Simply Beautiful."

2. 18x18 by Ingo Maurer
"An art piece.
So soft and just a beautiful vessel of light"

3. Magnifying Mirrors by Astro
"One of the best made, great looking and functional products.
It's a must in any bathroom lighting design I've worked on."

4. LED tape light

"The applications are endless."

5. YaYaHo By Ingo Maurer

"I will always love the possibilities of what a cable system can do in a space.  Ingo Maurer, was the original creator of the low-voltage lighting system. It was brilliant and it is my favourite. Just such a fun piece. It was a system that inspired such a huge movement in lighting design."


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