Tobias Grau

Falling Leaf

FALLING LEAF is a classic Tobias Grau pendant light inspired by autumn.

The lamp’s state-of-the-art optical lens provides crisp, bright light and advanced glare reduction.

This elegant ceiling luminaire is available in a variety of seasoned shades including maroon, olive, and sand. Black, Charcoal and white also available. Hang alone or as a lyrical row.

16W LED  | 1037 lm  | 2700K

Beautiful form and outstanding light quality are the hallmarks of a Tobias Grau luminaire.

Their lights provide top CRI (80 to 90), advanced glare reduction, and intuitive light control. Glare reduction centers on our patented OSA (open structure anti-glare) technology, integrated across our XT-A range and featuring gridded LEDs in an open system, provid

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