Oversized lighting is bold and can command the room in the most subtle but spectacular ways. The right light fixture and concept can create drama and visual interest, but an oversized light fixture is an excellent way to enhance any room with it’s unique aesthetic! This is especially true and useful in smaller spaces. Not only do larger lights draw the eye up, they can trick the viewer into believing your small space is much larger than it is.

Oversized lighting fixtures not only include pendants and chandeliers, large floor lamps can be a huge delight to include in any space, and are being manufactured more and more.

Here’s a collection of some of our favourite (Great) Big Lights:

The Apollo by Dark offers an industrial aesthetic that is both exciting and unique for any space. The body of the Apollo is made up of a patchwork of metal triangles attached together by sturdy but stylish nuts and bolts. The Apollo fixture’s exterior is black with a gold interior finish. Dark is an innovative lighting design company with a vast portfolio full of multi-award winning lighting products available for purchase and customization.

Tim Pendant Lights by Bomma These giant glass domes were originally created to house Tim Burton’s movie characters in a Prague exhibition. The Tim pendant lights followed and became an instant success at Salone del Mobile 2015. These lights are freely hand blown without a mold and weight up to 30 kg and measure up to 750 mm, which are dimensions few glassmakers can achieve worldwide. One X-large Tim in a small space will be the talk of any room. A cluster of all sizes will be impactful!

Sangha Suspension by Dark are available in X-Large, large, medium and small. Handmade using beautiful, natural shade of wood, the Sangha lights are 100% ecological and recyclable. The splits in the woven shade reveal a whimsical play of light onto the ceiling and walls of any space they’re in. The Sangha lights are often used over kitchen tables or in living rooms over the coffee table.

The XXL Dome is a fixture that is bold and beautiful. Designed by Ingo Maurer in 1999, this grand dome design has an aluminum exterior finish with a beautiful interior finish available in fluorescent pink, red, orange or green matt lacquer finishes. This light fixture is whimsical yet minimalist in the most elegant way that is the perfect addition to a modern space or to juxtapose a traditional space.

Eurolite carries many great lights for great spaces. Whether you’re looking for highly modern or conservative lighting fixtures, we can guarantee to help you find the perfect fixture and lighting for your space. We offer lighting consultations of all sizes, installation assistance and recommendations, as well repairs!

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