5 Steps to a Great Lighting Meet

For anyone doing a renovation or building a space, lighting is one of those muddy things with a lot of energy-wise concerns, decorative wishes, and pre-build requirements. Talking to one of our lighting specialists before you start the job can help you plan and design to create the solution of your dreams, as well as save yourself a lot of headaches and money!  We are realistic about budget and can provide you with options that best suit your needs.

What else should you know?

We came up with the top five things to keep in mind for a successful consultation.

Arrange a meet

Reach out to us and give us some information about you job and your availability to meet. We want to make sure you will have the right Eurolite rep for your job needs and their time is dedicated to your meeting.

Email your floor plans, furniture layouts, and style preferences ahead of time

We want your consultation with us to be productive. Letting us walk through the space and work out some options ahead of time geared towards your style will ensure a successful meeting.

Start thinking about electrical, dimming and automation, pre-construction needs, and your future ideal

We want to help you create an atmosphere with dimming and lighting controls. Not only will it allow for isolating multiply “moods” or functions in your space, but they will save you money in energy costs and even provide security. There are many Lighting control systems available for all types of stages of construction and existing build. But if your plans are new build of any degree, planning out the electrical needs ahead of time for lighting control is a must! Even if it is just prep for future lighting controls if your budget can’t do it all right away ~ at least you are ready for it.

How your space is lit will also depend on location of electrical boxes and making sure you have all the wiring available behind that fresh drywall. Working out plans for your lighting package will make sure your contractor and electrician will allow for these electrical needs.

Lead times exist

Ordering the lights that put the finishing touch to your space is much like buying that custom couch that was meant for you – it will take time. Expect 2-4 weeks for North American lines and 8-12 weeks from Europe (standard customs clearance via ocean).

We’re here for you! a.k.a Don’t be overwhelmed

Contact us today!


Email us and we will get you matched with the most suitable Eurolite member for your lighting design needs. Visit us in person at our Toronto Lighting Store to learn about and see many light fixture options.