Tips For Upgrading Your Bath Lighting

When you are renovating your bathroom, do not forget that the smallest details can make a huge difference. Small details, like incredible lighting, have the potential to make or break your bathroom. Small lighting changes will make dramatic differences throughout the entire space to the point you may not even need to carry out an entire renovation. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are upgrading your bathroom light and the overall appearance of your bathroom.

More Than One Light Source

When it comes to lighting up your bathrooms, ensure there is more than one light source. More than one light source is essential for daily personal grooming. Pay attention to natural light, or in some cases, lack of natural light. Based on the positioning of your windows, you can determine where you need more light. Typically, you want to have an overhead light and then a light closer to your mirror. For great overhead lighting, check out the unique modern options that we have available at Eurolite.

LED Lights

LED lights are a quick and easy way to switch up and upgrade your bathroom. LED lights are relatively inexpensive and last for a very long time. These lights are much more energy-efficient than traditional lighting and do not heat up. When LED lights first came out, the colour light they emitted was bright white, almost blue. Undoubtedly not everyone’s cup of tea. In recent years, LED developments have allowed lighting colours to be controlled.

Mirror Light 

Bathroom Lighting

When you put lights and mirrors together, you get great distribution. The mirror reflects light which makes the entire room brighter. Mirror lights are also great for up-close personal grooming activities or thorough flossing. Mirror light is different from overhead light because it lights you up from the front rather than the top.


Why not get extra creative by upgrading your lighting fixtures. You instantly improve your bath image with clean and interesting lighting fixtures. Distribute light exactly how and where you want. Check out the wide range and selection of lighting fixtures online or in-store at Eurolite!

Do Not Forget The Shower Light!

Lighting in the shower or above the bath is essential for safety. You need to be able to see the water floor and side to avoid injury. Make sure these lights are bright and that the fixture is waterproof to avoid steam damage.

Whether you are completing a full bathroom reno or just making some small adjustments, call the lighting experts at Eurolite. Our expert knowledge, advice, and products are just what you need to maximize your bathroom space.