Importance of Lighting for a Jewelry Store

Jewelry store owners know how important lighting is in the success of showcasing their pieces and increasing sales. Thankfully it is therefore become an essential part of the budget when building or renovating their spaces. This also makes the lighting design an essential part to plan early, and Eurolite is here to help you with your planning process!

As LED lighting technology is constantly changing and expanding, LED niche and showcase lighting suitable for Jewelry stores has improved significantly, and Eurolite is resourceful in the newest and greatest!  We also have great lighting design ideas and experience for proper placement ~ which is essential to keep customers highly interested and engaged. 

What are some key points in lighting design for jewelry stores that Eurolite has learned over the years? 

Lighting will not only influence how customers will see and feel about your store, but it will also impact the impression in the quality of product being sold. That means getting the right lighting right down to inside the showcases will not only take the sparkle and shine of  jewelry to the next level ~ it could be crucial in the setting and the mood of the store. 

Speaking of sparkle and shine, it is the jewelries job to glitter and stand out – not the glare from lighting, nor unwanted shadows.  One ways to alleviate glare is to Install lighting on the customer side of showcases so as it illuminates back onto merchandise and therefore keeps everyone's eyes on the product – and not the glare! 

The cooler the light temperature the better! That's not just in feel and heat level – but also in the colour temperature of the lighting  which is measured in Kelvins. Eurolite has had great success in LED display lighting in a range of 5000K to 6000K, as this cool coloured lighting temperature range really sets off the beauty in jewelry!

Pick a statement chandelier for the entrance or as a general feature to convey your stores style, but let us help with placement of any recessed lighting properly.  Recessed lighting should never be used as the only source of overall general lighting – unless some big general lighting is needed for end of day cleaning needs. (But these lights only all get turned on when your store is closed!) 

Track lighting works great in jewelry stores as well. Installing to match the layout of the showcases allows for flexibility  in placement of track heads to focus in optional areas (not just down onto the glass surface of your showcase) and even allows for optional pendant lighting drops in feature areas.

Want to learn more or need some help sourcing  and planning the lighting design for your jewelry store?  We can work directly with store owners, or their designers to create not only an efficient and spectacular lighting plan, but we also can supply a wide range of product solutions for these lighting design ideas. 

Eurolite has specialized in a range of lighting services for over 30 years. From lighting consultations , and lighting Sales, we know lighting and solutions for lighting. Contact us today!