Due to the current emergency stay at home orders here in Ontario we want to assure you that business at Eurolite continues to run as efficiently as possible, but delays may still occur.

While many staff members continue to work remote, we are still easily contacted via email, phone, live chat and even video calls when applicable. We also continue to have a minimum of essential employees onsite in our warehouse to receive and ship orders to you.

We just kindly ask for your support to optimize your experience with us by  transmitting your requests directly to your usual Eurolite contact preferably via email 1st. Alternatively please email look@eurolite.com, which is monitored and forward to the required employee to serve you best.

Thank you for your continued support, and including our great lights in your great spaces!

~ The Eurolite Team


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Virtual Meetings

One of Eurolite’s biggest strengths and an industry secret for years has been our ability to virtual consult with our customers. From email, phone, text and video options; sharing your plans, concept and spaces has never been easier.


Curbside Pick-up  We would like to continue to make this process as seamless as possible for you. Please read our procedures.



As the response levels fluctuate, we appreciate your patients and cooperation as we endeavor to take proper measures in accordance with public health to protect you and our staff.