We fix lights!

Not only do we have access to all the latest in designer lighting, we also do repairs. Any chandelier, pendant, sconce, table or floor lamp; modern, retro or antique classic... If it is near and dear to your heart, we should be able to fix it!


A virtual assessment and diagnosis of your repair will initiate a quote for parts and labor required. In the event parts are needed and you want to proceed, we can process the order and reserve a spot for when the parts are available to fix it and bring it to us.

Email us your repair inquiry
 When you drop off your light fixture for a hands on diagnosis, the following applies:
    • Min. labor charge of one hour. Repair fee is $95/hr.
      • Cost of additional parts are extra and not included in the hourly fee.
        • A quote of parts and repair details will be emailed to you for your approval to complete the repair.
          • This amount will be due upon pick-up of your working light fixture.
          • We will only charge you if we can fix your light. Therefore, if we inspect the light and we cannot fix it, it’s free.
            • Estimated wait times will vary by fixture.
            • In some cases, a manufacturer’s warranty applies and it will be sent back to the manufacturer to be addressed.