You’ve got the light(s) of your dreams, now how do you get it installed?

Let us bring in our team of electricians to get the job done. They are not only qualified to do electrical work, they know and understand quality lighting fixtures, layouts, and all the inherent uniqueness that are (sometimes) involved in installing them.

Installation Guidelines  //  Small Print

  • Our rates listed are for installation services only and do not include cost of light fixtures or other material and supplies.
  • All installation jobs must be coordinated with our workshop for a written quote based on the job.
  • All quotes must be approved by the customer via signing off on our Installation credit card approval form with the estimated total fee for the job. No funds will be charged until the job is complete.
  • Site work that requires more intricate electrical wiring & creation of electrical sources  (i.e. junction boxes or wire pulling) will require a custom quote and possibly be referred to an electrician outside of Eurolite.
  • ‘Over-Time’ is based on any time before 7:30am and after 6pm.
  • Travel time will still be charged in the event the installation can not be completed due to dangerous or inappropriate site conditions. (i.e. no electrical junction box or power where a pendant light is to be installed)
  • A rush job must be formally quoted and approved by the customer before the installation begins. We can not guarantee same day rush requests, but will accommodate accordingly.
  • Additional installation services required that was not included in the original authorized quote will be added at the discretion of the installer and charged at the current agreed rate, unless additional time qualifies at over-time rates.
  • To request a quote & schedule your install email: workshop@eurolite.com

Need more then a basic installation?
We recommend & approve the following electricians:

Calixto Rodriguez                416-821-0745  
Maya Tech                          416-262-9765
Mino Electric                       416-735-9798
Surge Elektrik                      416-479-8716