SAAS Instruments

Technology is their heritage, but moreover, SAAS understands the poetry of light.

Located in Helsinki, Finland where light is genuinely respected as a source of well being and a precious gift from nature, SAAS Instruments exists. To SAAS, lighting design is about how to interact with one another; how productive we are, and how much time we want to spend in any one place. A philosophy for light that has made SAAS one of the world’s leading experts in innovative, high-quality lighting.


Discover SAAS Instruments LED Button options:

Quality products with LED components and material that last! A product-line full of a variety of styles and options that are suitable for environmental temperatures ranging from -30ºC +125! That's right ~ inside, outside and even in your sauna!  Shop the Eurolite Button Collection >>

Discover SAAS Instruments illuminated swing:

This popular lighting product is a lot of fun! Swing is made from transparent acrylic and lit from within by a strip of high powered LEDs. See it in person in our Toronto lighting store.  View it online here >>




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