New for 2023

2019 was the last time Euroluce was able to illuminate at the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, Italy; and we were so glad to see it!  315 lighting exhibitors in total showcased their lighting families at the iconic show last month, including many with new and wonderful design creations.

Most notably seen and discussed at this years show was the ongoing trend and evolution of smart and human-centric lighting. Sensors, network connections and wireless technologies for control and monitoring of lighting, as well solutions that adjust intensity of fixtures, according to natural light in spaces, continue to be king.

Growing in interest, with a notable evolution, is the integration of IoT (i) control systems that is embracing the digital world, and with the first applications of LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology already available - LEDs for wireless data transmission (ii) is a leveraging modulation that could become common place - very soon.

Let’s just say, light fixture function is taking on a whole lot more these days!  If you want to learn how to incorporate IoT concepts into your new projects lighting scheme - send us a message! For now though, let’s look at how new lighting LOOKED at the show, and beyond.  



This updated family by Vesoi is the evolution and a redesign of a classic lighting expression of the 60s. Iconic, sophisticated, elegant technological chandelier that comes in a large pendant or smaller ceiling version. Wall mounted version coming soon. 

Vesoi specifies the DF light fixtures as "…it is what it is and ain't nothing else…” But what it is ~ is a  modular wall/ceiling luminaire about light, colour and space. Organized and not-organized. A sectional and modular structural elements from 50 to 200cm long, which light up just enough in primary colours or in fusions between them: creations of bicolor is the result of research into simplicity that involves and fascinates the observer. It’s not a luminaire- it’s a sensation!

The DF is Vesois tribute to the American artist of minimalism,  Dan Flavin, famous for creating sculptural objects and installations of fluorescent bulb fixtures.



Inspired by the idea of chance – the uncontrolled form created by a falling cable - the Signature lamp by Ingo Maurer appears like a three-dimensional drawing in a room. The combination of a soft cable, which is connected to a springy, circular structure in simple black, creates the impression for the viewer that it has a coincidental, continuous shape. At the end of this construction, there is an elegant, deliberately inconspicuous lampshade that does not, steal the show from the tangle of cables. It blends stylishly with the overall concept and is thereby not overbearing. With a change of perspective, the way one sees the shape of the lampshade also changes: from a cone to an obliquely inclined rectangle. The lampshade made of anodized aluminum underlines the casualness of the new pendant lamp by Ingo Maurer with its asymmetry and ambiguity.



Leucos is always sure to introduce items that are sure to be classics! Their new Aurelia is a collection of suspension lamps of a handblown glass diffuser surrounding a metal structure that houses two direct and indirect LED light sources. Independently dimmable, the two light sources offer the possibility of single or simultaneous switching, creating direct soft light and surprising and unexpected indirect reflections. Aurelia is available in two different shapes and sizes and six combinations of glass colors (transparent or smoke gray) and metal structure (hand-finished vintage brass or matt gunmetal, and glossy warm white) with matching canopy. The LED light source can be easily replaced by the user. A smart disassembly system allows for an easy maintenance and cleaning of the glass diffuser.


To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Slamp’s collaboration with Hadid Design Studio, the iconic Aria takes on new form in a modular version. The illuminated system sinuously undulates throughout a space with diverse polycarbonate layers that create visionary fluidity, easily customized to fit any project. Main unit runs at over 10 feet long.


DarkatNight was not at the show this year, but they have been very busy releasing a handful of new products worth mentioning! Here's a few we'd like to highlight:


The Elepee pendant is a technical pendant in rich handsome finishes in black, and light or dark bronze, and comes with a decorative disk aesthetic that is available in 7 stone and 2 wood finish options. 
The Totum pendant can be imagined in multiple ranges of colour combinations! This fixtures details are coming soon for link, but if you'd like more information - please let us know!
The Cuiaba available in a pendant, table or floor version is also an award winner! Winner of an IF design award 2023!

For more visuals at Euroluce - we share Salone del Mobile video reel of the Euroluce experience:
(i)The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.
(ii)The Visible light spectrum operates at a wider bandwidth compared to traditional radio waves, hence allowing for multi-gigabit wireless transfer. Specifically, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used in LiFi as visible light transmitters. This means future lighting systems fulfill two functions: high speed wireless networking and illumination. LiFi supports multi user access and handover to enable mobile services.