Great Lights for Every Style

Lets face it, a great lighting fixture is not only about the quality of light it provides but also how it looks in the space. So what's your style? What light fixture might work best for you and your space?

We've picked out some light fixture options to suit 5 popular design styles.

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Contemporary style of decorating is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines.

Eurolite's lighting choices add just the right amount of subtle accents to a contemporary space:

 Light Fixtures

 Silva Giant, by Cerno >>

 Light Fixtures Toronto

28 series, by Bocci >>


Today's traditional interior design is a general term that takes in varied design styles and era’s that aren’t devoted to one particular direction or spirit.

It’s a timeless go-to style that exudes easy elegance and comfort and is a great route for those who appreciate antiques, classic art, symmetry, and design rich with history.

Eurolite light fixture picks are of classic crystal glass in elegant design lines.

Classic Crystal Glass Lighting
Chill Out, by Ilfari >>
Light Fixtures Toronto
Charlotte S5L, by de Majo >>

Eclectic style encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish.

These Eurolite light fixtures can be subtle and exciting additions to any space. We've seen the results!

Eurolite light fixtures Toronto
Zettel'z 5, by Ingo Maurer >>

Minimalist homes are free of any clutter, only displaying items like couches, tables and light fixtures that are essential for functional living. Minimalist interiors have a focus on simplicity and effortless beauty.

Clean lined and simple light fixtures from Eurolite that will fit effortlessly into your minimalist decor include these gems:

Light Fixtures Toronto Eurolite
Martello, by Astro >>
Stelo, by Vesoi >>

Modern homes share similar characteristics with minimalist interiors. The focus is on simplicity, cleanliness and absence of decor or detailing. Clean lines, and a fuss-free approach to life. As a result, designers kept décor minimal while emphasizing industrial materials.

Eurolite's modern choices are simplistic with a touch of the industrial feel:

B.E.S, by Ferro Light Design >>
Induction Tube Light Toronto
Induction Tube Light, by Castor Design >>


Don't see what you are looking for? These light fixture picks are only a reflection of options that we carry! Reach out to us and let us know about your space. Our lighting specialists can provide you with options that are tailored to your needs. We offer lighting consultations of all sizes, installation assistance and recommendations, as well repairs!

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