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Spring is starting to bloom, and as the warmer nights inspire after-dark outdoor social gatherings, or just a new place at home for a change of scenery - lets talk about how to get your outdoor space lit right so it is cozy, functional & safe - and we aren’t talking about blasting things with light! Its night time, lets keep it that way! Outdoor lighting should be no more offensive than a full moon. That's Charles mantra here at Eurolite. And he is right!

Lighting an outdoor space for the night is about setting a mood. And while patio lanterns, string lights & good old-fashioned candlelight are great options -  let's think about  accentuating your flower beds, pathways, & trees. Layering things up!

What ever you decide for a type of lighting installation and how and if and where you’ll need to run electricity, you’ll need a plan of action of what you are lighting first . So what’s in your yard? where do you start first?

Lets think safety first and start with pathway lighting - the way-finding lights. Its where you need to walk – so the lights on pathways, driveways, and steps. they are Important. But don’t stress about over flooding the light in these spaces … Outdoor lights are supposed to accent your yard and while wayfinding lights are for safety just think in terms of pools of light to follow.

Bollards along pathways are great solutions, and their range in styles and heights have come a long way! making them lovely architectural elements in your outdoor space as well.

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In your softscaping think about ground mounted or tree mounted spots to wash up statement trees and shrubs. The effects can be a very impactful contrast between light and dark.

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Recessed Inground lighting should be used for washing up surfaces like a retaining stone wall, or the wall of your home or other structures in your space.

And those Recessed button lights that are oh so popular?! .. we love love them too! and they are very effective in your soffits and decks boards and stairs. Just keep the same idea in mind regarding location - wash the light up or down walls or structures. Under handrails...ACROSS THE STAIRS.  The biggest mistake we are seeing is installation of LED buttons in the rise of the stairs – shinning straight out into the night. We understand it feels interesting – maybe looks interesting in concept, but lets face it, they ultimately become a glare source when you are down in the garden!

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ALL in ALL the options for exterior lighting is endless. And the Eurolite team is bursting with Ideas of what you can do. We can help you achieve an outdoor space of your dreams, and sort out all the details to make it happen.

Let us virtually see your yard and we'll help you light it up! Book your consultation today>>

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