Brand SpotLight : Arturo Alvarez

Where The Light Comes From

Inside Arturo Álvarez’s studio

For more than 20 years Arturo Álvarez has been designing and manufacturing decorative lighting solutions from the woods of Spain in the north western rural setting of Vedra. It is here where the landscape and culture of the environment has not only influenced the philosophy of the brand, it is the inspiration for their creations, and where every lamp is totally handmade.

With the quietness of a river crossing the valley and the chiaroscuro produced by the lights and shadows reflecting over the horizon; this environment is a constant source of inspiration evident in the form, texture, material and effects of all of their lighting creations. A wonderland where the evolution of Arturo Álvarez, creative director and namesake of the brand, has been able to explore, experiment and conduct his research.

Today, the evolution of Arturo Alvarez includes, not only an award winning material (SIMETECH®) and many functional lighting solutions, but also his Artwork for exhibitions and permanent installations around the world are genius creations of light transforming materials, that will move you.

At this past years ICFF in New York City, the Coversas and Agora installations (pictured below) not only made it a popular booth at the show, but the saturated IG feeds of attendee’s made it a HUGE social media success as well.

See and get your very own Arturo Álvarez creation. New designs are now available in our showroom. And we have to say this product installations is not only dreamy,  it’s full of summertime bliss… Come and see today!

Photos: Héctor Santos-Diez
Specify: Arturo Alvarez
published August 2017