Stelo C

Simplistic & architectural Stelo C is a suspended luminaire of essential design and direct LED light emission. The purity of the design lends perfectly to creating compositions with multiple fixtures, thanks to the various lengths and sizes it is available in.

Stelo is available in matt finishes of White, Black and Rust with black interior finish OR matt finishes of White and Black with gold or red interior finish.

Fabric cord suspension is available in multiple colours.

Stelo C Short shade is 300mm (12") and Stelo C Long shade is 600mm (24") long. Each are available in 5 diameter sizes:

  • xs Ø35mm 1"             4W |  3000K |  40degree beam
  • s   Ø45mm 1.75"        6W |  3000K |  40degree beam
  • m  Ø62mm 2.4"        12W |  3000K |  40degree beam
  •  l   Ø100mm 3.9"      18W |  3000K |  40degree beam
  • xl  Ø150mm 5.9"       39W |  3000K |  40degree beam


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