Out Of Line

Create your own composition with Out of Line by choosing your fixture quantity and sizes & then count the total wattage based on the sizes to determine the suitable electrical box to power your creation up!

There are 2 sizes available:

  • S 15.7"L x  2"W  7W LED
  • L 31.5"L x 2"W  13W LED

The power box options are as follows:

  • 8W Power Box
  • 20W Power Box
  • 75W Power Box
  • 150W Power Box

Make sure to choose QTY + ADD TO CART for each unit you require to build a complete system.


    Ilfari lighting has a whimsical, fascinatingly eccentric feel that owes its off-beat elegance to…dance music! In this music you will find many classical touches. Simplicity combined with effects plays with your imagination and we channel it into handcrafted lighting that reflects what we hear.

    This is the philosophy that has underpinned our collections ever since Ilfari is founded in 2001. The result is luxurious lighting that is unique with a highly progressive look, eclectic, almost artistic on light with a great beauty and simplicity.

    Ilfari’s products are entirely handmade & manufactured in Europe using the highest quality European glass and crystals from Swarovski and with razorsharp attention to detail. The aim is to give both modern and classic interiors an individual, almost revolutionary, look with designs that play with light just as they play with your imagination.

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