The Neo is a high end exterior ground light solution for applications where it is not possible to pre-install housing boxes and wiring into the ground. The product is powered remotely and equipped with the Ghidini water-lock system that prevents the suction of humidity from the power cable due to the alternating on and off cycles. The product can be walked on and installed in areas not permitted for traffic. Not suitable for installation in swimming pools or fountains.

Available in a spot, medium or flood. 400 to 1100lm.

See video for more information:

Constructed of high oxidation resistant aluminum alloy which is subjected to a nano-bonderite treatment and finished with texturized polyester powder paint, makes the product resistant to atomospheric agents and UV rays, guaranteeing maximum protection over the years.

Silicone gaskets ensure maximum sealing in all operating and temperature conditions. The ultra transparent tempered sodium calcium glass diffuser ensures maximum light transmittance and is finished with a silkscreen border.

The external screws are in stainless steel. The product is equipped with the Ghidini water-lock system which prevents condensation from the power cable due to the alternating on and off cycles.

Lucitalia has increasingly specialized in technical decorative lighting suited for both residential and commercial applications requiring performance and distinctive design. Lucitalia is a sister company to Ghidini.

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