Projector suitable for professional lighting in commercial spaces, residential, offices and museums. Painted aluminum body powder coated with under layer protection which guarantees protection over time. Fully adjustable on the vertical and horizontal axes for maximum aiming flexibility. Separate body and fixture head provide adjustability on both horizontal and vertical axes.

Available with track adapter suitable for variety of tracks or with a base for ceiling or wall surface mounting.

Kriter 1A

  • 10W    3000K   1237lm  | 19º beam  or  40º beam
  • 10W    4000K   1287lm  | 19º beam  or  40º beam

Kriter 2A

  • 18W    3000K   2172lm  | 18º beam  or  36º beam
  • 18W    4000K   2205lm  | 18º beam  or  36º beam
  • 26W    3000K   2967lm  | 18º beam  or  36º beam
  • 26W    4000K   3012lm  | 18º beam  or  36º beam
  • 32W    3000K   3725lm  | 18º beam  or  36º beam
  • 32W    4000K   3781lm  | 18º beam  or  36º beam

 Specification Sheets available for each option. RFQ for more information.


Lucitalia has increasingly specialized in technical decorative lighting suited for both residential and commercial applications requiring performance and distinctive design. Lucitalia is a sister company to Ghidini.

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