Blaze Pivot

The saas blaze pivot combines first class optics with a light source that can be targeted in one direction to highlight paintings and other objects or create dynamic effects. When installed, this fixture is rated at IP44 so it’s the perfect downlight for your bathroom as well.

Adding to the flexibility are two options for the optics, three color options, as well as four light color temperatures. The fixtures are easy to install with no tools needed for the connection.

The light source on the saas blaze pivot is easily changeable when needed and is made from 100% recycled aluminum of impeccable quality.

  • 3W 350mA    |  200 Lumen each
  • White, Grey, or Black
  • 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K
    Requires power source. Sold separately.
    3-5 units per single power source max.

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