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TruTrack with LED Soft Strip

TruTrack is a plaster-in recessed 24VDC two circuit track (one circuit-track / second circuit - LED soft strip) Recessed track is only as deep as the 5/8" drywall to which it can be installed into.

Two white plastic opaque slot covers and one transparent lens slot cover are included with TruTrack Channel to hide recessed track slot and LED Dots. Opaque Cover may be painted to match the ceiling, order transparent cover separately when adding Soft Strip.

Adjustable Track head options: Tubo Large, Tubo Small and Tubo Large Zoom. Fixed downlight options: Tubo Large and Tubo Small.  Various Lens accessories available for each.

Download TruTrack with Soft Strip specification booklet here>>

For custom design & layout assistance, send us your drawings.

Email to: look@eurolite.com


PureEdge Lighting creates architectural lighting solutions influenced by simplicity and elegance based on the principle that light affects human emotion.
The Pure Design Let the Drywall be Your Canvas : Minimalist fixtures that blend seamlessly into the drywall and become part of the Architecture.
The Edge Design The Personalization of Light  Expressive: surface mounted or suspended fixtures.

All lighting products sold by Eurolite are certified for North American installation, and are in compliance with the latest safety regulations.

This means, whether the lighting fixtures are imported from another country or custom-made in our own, we ensure they each meet all North American electrical standards through any necessary certified part modifications and an electrical inspection conducted by an accredited agency.


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