Ferro Light


Pure manpower is needed to roll plates of perforated metal into this wonderfully cheerful ‘torch’ of light that gives an incredible ambience to your home.

  • L 78" H x 11.8"Ø base
  • M 70" H x 10.8"Ø base 
  • S 59" H x 9.8"Ø base

    dimmable 12w LED • 800 Lumen • 1800-2800K • CRI >80 

    Please request for quote to inquire on price & purchase options directly with a Eurolite team member.

    Since the start of FERROLIGHT Design in 1999, Designer Ferdinand Verbeek and creative sidekick Marike Verbeek are passionately committed to their great mission: a continuing study of the ultimate light source. Together they aspire to create the most beautiful light that shines on our earth…


    Clear, efficient and unique, FERROLIGHT Design produces energy efficient lighting that mimics the natural warmth of sunlight captured in sublime minimalist design.

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