Toronto's KETRA Experience Centre is Open

KETRA is a fully integrated lighting system unlike any other on the market. The best smart lighting system of 2023, and the future of lighting automation!


Exposure to types of light can affect our natural circadian rhythms. Supporting the circadian rhythm is the purpose, and Ketra can create atmospheres dependant on the time of day to replicate the colours of the sky, including sunrise, midday, and sunset. Mimicking these natural lights by creating the colour and intensity of sunlight in a way that no other lighting system can, produces natural and comfortable environments for positive impacts on mood and health. Also, immersive and inviting atmospheres that are perfect for luxury home interiors, art collections, and sculptures.

Visit Eurolite and learn how to create & automate with light that is unique to you, your health, your moods, and your aesthetics! 

Let us help you design and automate with the best in home automation. Book an appointment to speak to one of our KETRA specialist here >>