The Beer Boutique

Eurolite is fortunate to work with some great designers and be a part of their incredible projects. II by IV always energize us with their concepts and it is our pleasure to make them happen.

Thank you for allowing us to build this custom Copper Light Sculpture II by IV!

“In this new store in a new building located in a historic neighbourhood, designers wanted the lighting and all aspects of the first beverage retail store to lend a historic quality. To accomplish this, they turned simple lighting into sculptural focal points, joining copper pipes and LED tubing to create the store‘s central lighting fixture. The attention-grabbing fixture utilizes materials that echo the store‘s brewery concept, where copper fermenting vats are common in classic breweries, and blends perfectly with simple, rustic displays and an unfussy layout”

~ A.R.E Design Awards 2012 (Lighting)

Designer II by IV Design Associates