Product Focus: 12-25

It was Take Your Kid To Work Day in Ontario for grade 9 students this past Tuesday and we were happy to host Aleeyah, who is actually 3rd generation Eurolite family, and inherently primed and ready to learn more about her roots!

 We started Aleeyah with a lesson on the work bench with Dark’s 12-25 pendants.

Not only did she love this custom order with shades of green and white, she was very surprised to hear how we actually wire up all our European imports and have them certified and approved for North American Standards.

For more context, these fun 12-25 Dark pendents actually came to us as shells, that we then add the appropriate electrical wires to in our own warehouse, canopy plates to suit NA electrical junction boxes, and then a certified electrical inspector stops by to review our work, approve, and then provide a sticker with the appropriate certification marks. Once this is done our European imports are ready to be installed on this side of the world!

We have to say the fun really started on the work bench, when Aleeyah learned why we love Dark’s whimsical creations of light. As, not only is this 12-25 pendent available in white, black and chrome, it is also available on request in all RAL colours – so the greens of this bunch were custom… but the best part – these pendants each are completely versatile using a built-in magnetic suspension that allows to rotate the direction of the shade 360 degrees.


To find out more about the 12-25 Pendant, contact us at or call 416-203-1501, and ask to speak to a sales rep.


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