Allsteel 2006

Eurolite worked with Figure 3 and Smith+Andersen on a minimalist design with special consideration to the exposed ductwork and piping throughout the Allsteel space. The project not only achieved full LEED points (3 point allowance 35% below ASHRAE), we successfully provided illumination levels to the desired office environments, while accommodating the retail space of a systems furniture showroom.

Success in this lighting design was achieved by suspending linear pendants using high output T5 lamps and MR11’s on the diagonal at 18’ above the floor for general lighting, the feature areas ceiling details were illuminated with maintenance-free LEDs, and T5 lamps in wall coves provided a good punch of lighting accents in display niches. Finally it was adjustable double MR16 lamps that highlighted objects on tables that aided in providing some texture and general ambiance.

Daylight sensors control all lighting via a Lutron dimming system.

Designers Figure 3

Lighting Design Smith+Anderson 

Awards 2007 IIDA Lighting award, 2008 IES Illumination: International Award of Merit, 2008 IES Illumination: Toronto Section Award