There is nothing better then getting more bang out of your buck, and these multitaskers are win-wins. Lighting fixtures doing more then just lighting up your space!

Here’s our top 5 multitaskers we think will improve your life not only in their form, but also in their function.

Chandelier + Custom Art Installation

The Zettel’z is a famous light sculpture by famed German lighting designer Ingo Maurer. The central illuminated core leads to an organic installation of thin stainless steel rods holding Japanese Paper and comes with 31 printed and 49 blank paper sheets giving the user plenty of room for his or her own creativity. Use these blank sheets of paper supplied for your own messages, and sketches.

Zettel’z by Ingo Maurer MSRP starting at $1500


Bedside Light + USB charger + Shelf

This bedside light is a helping hand. Reading light, phone charger, and a simple shelf for your phone and your small accoutrements. Available in white with right or left orientation. Features 350 degree adjustable shade, On/Off rocker switch, and 5V 1A USB port.

Beddy by Bover MSRP starting at $764


Dimmable Bedside Sconce + Task Light + USB Charger + Optional Shelf

This LED wall sconce with USB Charger comes with 2 light sources. A soft diffused dimmable general light and a swing arm on/off light source. Add the optional shelf and increase the utility of the fixture without compromising any aspect of the design. The shelf provides a perfect place to rest your phone or tablet while charging it.

Levo by Cerno MSRP starting at $780.00


Toilet Paper Holder + Task Light + Phone shelf

Having soft task lighting in the ‘loo’ is a nice option. A light source that also holds the paper, is a bonus… and since a visit to the restroom usually includes your phone, at some point it needs to sit somewhere while you tend to the task at hand. 

L-Hop by Dark MSRP starting at $900


Light + Swing + Artwork Installation

A lighting fixture that works as swing!  Also a moving, eye-catching work of art potentially.  The seat of the swing is made from transparent acrylic and is lit from within by a strip of high-powered LEDs.

Light sense Swing by SAAS MSRP starting at $4500