IDS2022 - Bring Us your Plans!

Eurolite is excited to be back at the Interior Design Show and (once again) have the opportunity to be surrounded by the industry and homeowners looking for inspiration for their renovations and decorating plans.

We will be located in Booth 738, showcasing a handful of incredible fixtures from our most beloved brands, but we are primarily at the show so we can meet and talk to you! We want to learn about your lighting design needs - and showcase one of our best service assets - lighting design consultation! 

Eurolite wants to help you create your best space with the right lighting! As whether or not you are in the design biz, doing a renovation or building any space has lighting requirements full of multiply concerns for everyone. From energy-wise priorities, decorative wishes, and pre-built  requirements, there is a lot to think about and organize when it comes to lighting.  Talking to one of our specialists before you start the job will not only help you plan and design -  creating the solution of your dreams - it can also save a lot of headaches and money! 

We are realistic about budgets, have options that best suit your needs, and will assist you with sorting out the logistics behind the walls & ceiling - and what's on the surface.  Not only can Eurolite help you find the perfect light fixture - we can make sure the technical needs give your space the life you are looking for!

Can't make the show?

Email us and we will match you up with the most suitable Eurolite member for your lighting design needs.

Visit us in person at our Toronto Showroom to see and learn about many light fixture and control options.