Brand Spotlight: Ilfari

We first met Coen Munsters back in the early 2000’s when we were introduced to his (then) new lighting line – Ilfari. Coen’s lighting designs for Ilfari were fresh and seeping with juxtaposed elements of traditional crystals and modern sleek polished chrome lines. Lighting ideas that were so innovative and fresh, he set the bar and influenced an influx of  likewise design. When we asked him where he got his inspiration, Coen’s body began to move, ever so slightly as though music was beginning to play… and with eyes beaming wide – he proclaimed ~ I love dance music!

Ilfari founder & designer Coen Munsters

Today, Ilfari continues to move us with Munster’s lighting creations that are motivated by the eccentric feel of electronic dance music, and his equivalent muse of Swarovski crystal, whom Swarovski themselves recently paid tribute and featured Ilfari in their Crystalblog.