Popular Home Lighting Trends That Make A Statement

Interior lighting is a central part of every home’s design. The lights do much more than just brighten a room. They contribute to the overall atmosphere and should always reflect the function and feel of each space. If you’re looking for an subtle but impactful way to update your home with lighting using todays popular trends, try these:

Soft Gold

Brushed and satin gold or brass, and champagne colours are a big trend right now - soft colours and golden tones. It showcases the warmth and mellowness of gold while still feeling modern and cool. Many homeowners have fallen in love with this jewel tone that truly is complementing to almost any kind of design style, from contemporary to farmhouse.

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Industrial Styles

The modern industrial style is a little different from what you know as traditional industrial. It is sleeker and is all about neutral colours and metallic finishes. The fixtures look almost like art and give a refined and tailored look to the space. Modern industrial designs are most popular for spaces like the kitchen, the dining area and the living room.

Dining Area Lighting

Edison-Style Bulbs

Another retro look on the list. The vintage Edison-style bulbs give a homey, cozy vibe, making them perfect for the living area and kitchen. If you are looking for an authentic retro experience, incandescent Edison bulbs are still available on the market. However, we recommend getting them in modern LED lighting to save some power.

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Smart Tech

Smart technology is everywhere, including our homes. You can now manage interior lights with just your voice or your phone, even when you’re out of town. Some smart bulbs even allow you to change their colour temperature and hue, so you can go from work mode to chill mode in one second.

Statement Lighting

Go big or go home. Make a bold statement in open-plan areas with oversized and dramatic lighting fixtures. The pieces can be in any style, as long as they add a “wow” factor!

Statement Lighting

Pendant lighting

Pendants are the new chandeliers. Multiply small pendant lights deliver a quiet drama that is subtle yet eye-catching. Pendant lights are incredibly versatile and can translate to any interior design style. Their long cords are a key characteristic, so if you have tall ceilings, this could just be the perfect style for you.

Pendant lighting

Indoor Outdoor Lighting

A lot of homeowners are now bringing the outside in. If it works outside - it will work inside!

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Smokey Glass

Refresh your typical glass lighting fixtures with smoked glass lights. They create a unique display of shadow and light and are a great addition to any modern interior with an industrial style.

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