Hotel Chic

It was all about Hotel Chic on the Marilyn Denis show today with Ramsin Khachi who featured product trends from the hospitality industry that you can incorporate into your own home.

We were delighted to have 3 products from one of our signature brand’s, Astro, featured!

Thank you Ramsin!

Astro is an industry favourite for their range of lighting products for hospitality applications. Stylish and top notch quality and function that is hard to beat. Please read on below for more information on the Digit, Fuse and Enna light fixtures Ramsin discussed on the show. If you’d like to learn how to purchase for yourself  please email us here.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 9.00.25 AM


Recessed wall light by Astro

The Digit is a minimalist solution for recess installation into a wall or millwork i.e. the headboard of your bed. This high powered LED is conveniently switched ‘on’ by means of the arm folding out from it’s housing, and then turned ‘off’ by returning the arm to the closed position inside the housing. The light source can be rotated and tilted to provide task or reading light.

link to Datasheet

Fuse Switched

Recessed wall light by Astro

The Fuse wall light can be mounted horizontally or vertically into a wall or built into your millwork. The head not only folds out 90 degrees, it adjusts to any position within 330 degrees all around!  Fuse comes with or without switch and is LED.

link to Datasheet


Wall light by Astro

The Enna wall mounted reading light mounts to a standard junction box. Not only does the simple design complement any interior decor it provides direct switched LED light, and comes in complementing table and floor versions.

link to Datasheet