Achieving Moon Glow
“Outdoor lighting should be no more offensive than a full moon.”
Charles Lyall -Eurolite President

Charles is known for his witty testimonies on life – and his approach to lighting design is chock-full of straight forward direction. Recently he shared some images of the private residential job he is working on, and not only did it emanate his fundamental ideal for outdoor lighting, it showcases some fabulous options for lighting the exterior of a home. We can’t wait to see more of this project!

1. Way finding at it’s finest! Linear LEDs recessed under every stair nose (and in the water feature) not only allow for successful layers of light, the path of entry is highlighted – and that moon glow quality achieved.

2. Recessed ground fixtures provide up-lighting that not only will showcase the natural quality and texture of your homes building materials but will also attain some necessary light levels. Moon glow achieved.

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