Great Lights for Great Dads

Playful, Traditional, Book Smart, An Advocate, Versatile, or Modern – What’s your dad’s style?

Father’s day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a unique gift idea – whether for Father’s Day or any other day or person – we have some plugged-in ideas for you.

See here our choices of six different lamps, suiting six different personality styles for your selection.



Playful Dad


The Standing Monkey Lamp is a statuesque resin sculpture using a warm LED bulb as it’s torch light. These primates can be used on a table or floor, but also come in a sitting and hanging monkey versions.

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Traditional Dad


Okay, this traditional lamp does have some whimsical flair – it’s a classic! The Lucellino lamp is hand crafted using goose-feather wings on a LED TRI-R bulb produced exclusively for Ingo Maurer GmbH. The base plate is even equipped with a touch sensor for switching and continuous dimming.

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Book Smart Dad


If your dad has shelves of books, the Oskar light will be the perfect idea for him. This not only is a bookend, but it also provides punctual light for large and small shelves. The cable is even extra long, allowing you to place it in large shelf units, but it also works well on desks.

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Advocate Dad


Renowned lighting inventor and artist Ingo Maurer’s desk lamp – or Arbeitslampe as they call it – is a serious joke: makes good light, moves anywhere you want it, very functional and last but not least inspiring – what we do counts! 

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Versatile Dad


The S7 Lamp was designed in two parts, which are connected together by a patented, hard-wearing electromagnetic attraction, allowing free reign of one’s imagination.  The flexibility of this lamp enables the line and style of the lamp to be modified as desired. The S7 Lamp is a useful sculpture – a standing lamp, reading lamp, bedside lamp… a scalable solution that offers a multitude of possibilities. Composed from a composite, it will not alter or age. Lighting can be rotated 360°

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Modern Dad


The Tiramisu floor lamp, with a fitting on the ceiling, allows for an adjustable & very unique lighting solution. Floor base and lamp holder in cast cement with iron coated nickel finished cable.

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