Linear lighting is taking a new direction these days, and it isn’t always on the straight and narrow!

Here’s some inspiration picks of some of our favorites…

SPAZE black


Spaze linear pendant or ceiling by Dark

Build your light on Spaze. Linear lighting with options for a combination of linear suspended light with spot’s spaze C OR linear suspended with spots spaze S.

Spaze S spec sheet
Spaze C spec sheet
Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.00.29 PM


Suspended linear pendants by Ilfari

Available in 3 options, Artsy linear pendants are a horizontal solution that dances the straight line in a marvelous way.

link to spec sheet

Ed Sant Plus

Pendant, Ceiling, and wall light options by Edison

Commercial grade with some excitement. Connect them on the linear, or even on a corner.

link to spec sheet

Out Of Line

Suspended Options by Ilfari

Create your combination of cascading pendants in any multiple. These impeccable LED linear pendants are a celebrated addition to Ilfari’s collection.

link to spec sheet