Brand Spotlight: Dark

There is lighting, and then there is DARK lighting…


Made in Belgium, and proudly represented by Eurolite on this side of the pond, we are sure you’ve caught glimpses of Dark’s fixtures. They’re the quarky & cool lighting seen in many interiors featured in fashion and design magazines, or in the backdrop of great location shots in TV shows and movies. Whether it’s an illuminated upside-down spaceman floating around the ceiling or pivoting colourful spheres climbing a wall. If you after impactful pieces – Dark probably has what your after.

Here’s a small taste of Dark’s great lights. Click on images to learn more or Contact us .

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Rond-L suspensions of lit disks in concrete, wood finishes, marble and granite hanging at various drop lengths and positions are the finishing touch to this Martini cafè.
Caffè Tofin; Berlin, Germany
Spacewalker You’ve seen this guy, he’s not an illusion. This friendly creature puts a smile on your face. It is fun, playful, and as if he just jumped out of its space-craft, weightless, and exploring new territory. Dark created him in a couple sizes and will hang or stand to light your way.
Nordic Light Hotel; Stockholm, Sweden.
12-25 can light every corner in a room, each one at a different angle, and each day they can easily be switched up and angled to light new parts of the room. These fact is due to the versatile fixtures ability to rotate 360° and stay put via a built-in magnet. Available in matt white, matt black and chrome or on request in all RAL colors.
Sleeping Around Pop-Up container hotel;