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Homeowners looking for effective, efficient, and unique lighting solutions have been inviting us into their spaces for over 30 years!

These consultations not only allow for us to see your style and aesthetics (which help us find appropriate decorative solutions) it also allows for us to see where you need the light, and how it can be achieved. i.e. general, task & ambient lighting solutions

We are now available for video consultations via Zoom and Skype.  Link to your preferred video conferencing option to co-ordinate an appointment below.

To request a Facetime or WhatsApp meeting, please email us with the subject: 'Request for Meeting' here.

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When we accept, we will chat with you to coordinate an
appointment with one of our consultants based on your needs.
Don't have zoom but would like us to set up a meeting invitation?
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Use 'Zoom Meeting' as your message subject.

Link to our invitation to connect via Skype here.
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