Grande Luce

Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence of the traditional Edison Bulb or Filament Lamp. These golden glowing filament light bulbs, while adding a rustic vintage accent to any room, have been greatly improved from Mr. Edison’s first version!

The lamps now range in a few shapes and filament designs, plus even come in long lasting-low energy LED, but the most recent upgrade on these lamps now available at Eurolite is really BIG. That’s right – BIG!

Oversized filament lamps measuring (on average) over 11″ tall and nearly 8″ wide are now available at Eurolite in three distinct bulb shapes: long tubular with a spiral filament, pear shaped with a spiral filament, and a bulged tubular shape with a thread filament.

These grande sized bulbs are great statement pieces full of nostalgia, and the best part – they can be used with any standard, medium (E26) base.

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